Frito-Lay transforms the way they do business.

Frito-Lay’s Case for Trust:

  • Unable to move their employee engagement score in a positive direction for several years.
  • Collaboration between sales and marketing was weak at best, which created a lack of sales growth with their key distributors.
  • Turnover in one division was historically at 40%.
  • Marketplace pricing typically took 16 weeks with suppliers/vendors, causing tremendous pressure to execute!

Typical leadership responses to these types of problems are to establish a mandate, invoke change through the stroke of a pen, or replace some process or system. These leadership “controls” have limited impact and typically compound the very organizational issues they are trying to solve (and in some cases give rise to new ones).

Solution: The Speed of Trust

The solution to most organizational challenges are rooted in changes to human behavior. The Speed of Trust Process is able to effect such changes. This effort at Frito-Lay began somewhere in the middle of the organization, and former CEO Al Carey caught the vision and saw the value of catalyzing the culture around a common language and behaviors.

This case study validates the Speed of Trust value proposition – that trust always impacts two measurable outcomes: Speed and Cost. Frito-Lay leaders realized a powerful performance multiplier as the culture embraced the new language and behaviors in the context of their rigorous, everyday work. Below is the evidence:


  • Increased employee engagement scores across the entire organization by 6%.
  • Dramatically changed how the sales and marketing functions worked with each other, resulting in double digit sales growth.
  • Reduced turnover in one division by 70%.
  • Reduced marketplace pricing from 16 to 5 weeks. 
Let us introduce you to several leaders at Frito-Lay.  They tell their story through the following short video clips:


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Imagine . . . a workforce where employees have great pride in their work and contribute their discretionary effort. They commit to high-trust behavior to develop quality relationships, and leaders and teams operate at entirely new levels of collaboration. What would happen to your results?

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The Business Case for Trust Article:


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By Stephen M. R. Covey

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