Accolades and Endorsements for The Speed of Trust™

The Speed of Trust™ is red-hot relevant. In an age of heightened business regulation and oversight, it is important to focus on fundamentals.  And trust is the intangible asset that can help assure the long-term sustainability of any organization or enterprise.”  —William G. Parrett, CEO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu; Senior Partner, Deloitte & Touche USA LLP.

The Speed of Trust is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestseller.


Accolades for The Speed of Trust™

  • “Thank you for agreeing to be the guest speaker at this year’s All Flag Officer Train- ing Symposium... The revolutionary concept of the material presented in the Speed of Trust is perfectly aligned with the Navy’s newly implemented Business Enterprise. This is a great opportunity for Navy senior leadership to hear your unique insight regarding today’s leadership challenges directly from ‘the source’. More importantly, the Speed of Trust discusses the essential tools necessary to cultivate and leverage trust in today’s Navy.”   —Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

  • “The Speed of Trust is not a topic, it is a movement – one that I encourage all Chicago businesses to engage in.”  —Jerry Roper, President & CEO, ChicagoLand Chamber of Commerce

  • “I cannot believe in someone or something more than I do Stephen and his book!!! After reading the first few chapters of The Speed of Trust, I knew that this was ex- actly what our team needed to hear in the midst of the real estate industry’s largest merger/acquisition of CBRE and Trammell Crow Company. He was inspiring, enter- taining and the results from our time have led to faster and more efficient interaction with our teams. In a world awash with “How To” seminars, this was the best I have ever been a part of.”  —Tony Long, President, CB Richard Ellis, Asset Service

  • “We learn from Stephen M. R. Covey that continuous improvement is one key to developing trust, the centerpiece of relationship formation. There are compelling economic and social benefits of building high-trust relationships and being able to move with incredible speed. In my view, this book will inspire leaders just as Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, has inspired generations over the past 50 years.”  —Jim Hislop, Managing Director of Transportation Resource Partners and the President and CEO of Penske Capital Partners

  • “TRUST is a shamefully elusive quality in business, leading organizations to make poor decisions, go to market more slowly, and waste time and effort in unproduc- tive pursuits... Stephen M. R. Covey drove his message home as thought leader at our Annual Meeting & Exposition for the ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership—the secret of speed to market, loyalty, responsiveness, and a high-func- tioning—even remarkable—organization may be the most elementary (but all to often absent) component of effective human relationships: TRUST.”  —Newton Holt, ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership, Associations Now Feature on Trust, July 2007

  • “Thank you for sharing the powerful message on the Speed of Trust. We have received rave reviews on your presentation and truly appreciate the time you put into getting to know our guests and supporters. Your presence at this event was invalu- able, and we are so grateful for your words of truth on leadership and ethics.”  —Michelle Gonzalez, Director, Easter Seals of Florida

Accolades for The Speed of Trust™ in the Press

  • America picks a winner - CEO of Trust Stephen M. R. Covey #3 New York Times Bestseller, February 2008 #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller, February 2008 #12 USA Today All Books Bestseller, February 2008

  • “Covey brilliantly focuses on that overlooked bedrock of democratic capitalism -- trust. Like the air we breathe, we too often take this critical intangible for granted. As Covey makes clear, we do so at our ultimate competitive peril.”  —Steve Forbes, President & CEO, Forbes

  • “This book can change lives when it comes to building trusting personal and profes- sional relationships. Covey helps us understand how to nurture and inspire immedi- ate trust in every encounter, which is the foundation for true and lasting success in life. A very interesting and enlightening read.”  —Larry King

  • “Want to be an irresistible positive force? Combine personal responsibility with com- passion and respect for others. Want to know how to do this perfectly? Read The Speed of Trust.” —Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Internationally syndicated radio host, Author of The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage

  • “Building trust one person at a what we do. Trust is what we offered our friends and allies in the Arabian Gulf... Trust is what we share when we pitch in and help on the ground, and then do it... Trust is a Corpsman racing to a fallen com- rade... Trust is the engine that literally runs the global maritime partnership of the “1,000-ship Navy.”... As Stephen M. R. Covey put it in his new book, The Speed of Trust, “when you build trust with one, you build trust with many.”... That’s exactly what your Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen are out there doing every day on your behalf...”  —Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

  • “Trust is a source of stress in the lives of Americans. I am convinced that lack of trust is a friction that slows down the very machinery of life. Now there is much more insight as to why this is so. Trust to me is a fundamental attribute—if not the most important one. The Speed of Trust helps folks understand how they can make a dif- ference in their own lives—[Trust] is the only way we will change this country.” —Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Mehmet Oz Show, Oprah & Friends Radio Bestselling Author of YOU: The Owner’s Maual, “Ask Dr. Oz” on The Oprah Winfrey Show

  • “I’m especially impressed with how Covey has been able to elucidate just how powerful the role of something we take for granted—trust—can be. Keep your eye on him, and definitely don’t make the mistake of thinking he’s just a “disciple” of his father’s. This is an original mind whose assertions have made even the most pragmatic management and leadership gurus take notice."  —Newton Holt, AssociationNOW


CEO Endorsements for The Speed of Trust™

  • “The Speed of Trust is red-hot relevant. In an age of heightened business regulation and oversight, it is important to focus on fundamentals. And trust is the intangible asset that can help assure the long-term sustainability of any organization or enterprise. Thanks to Stephen M. R. Covey’s new book, you can be well on the way to enhancing your organization’s trust assets for years to come.”  —William G. Parrett, CEO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu; Senior Partner, Deloitte & Touche USA LLP.

  • “Trust strikes at the heart of our success at JetBlue. Trust is key to the speed of our growth. The Speed of Trust articulates better than any book that trust is the one thing that changes everything—in business and in life. With high trust, success comes faster, better, and at lower cost.”  —David Neeleman, Founder and CEO, JetBlue Airways

  • “Trust reduces transaction costs; it reduces the need for litigation and speeds commerce; it actually lubricates organizations and societies. At last someone is articulating its true value and presenting it as a core business competency.”  —Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Chair and CEO, Carlson Companies

  • “Stephen M. R. Covey has done it! He has articulately zeroed in on the leadership challenge of the new millennium— the ability to cultivate and leverage trust. This is a ‘must-read’ for all aspiring leaders."  —Douglas R. Conant, President and CEO, Campbell Soup Company

  • “The Speed of Trust is a great find. It superbly achieves the goal of providing a road map to peak performance, both for individuals and organizations. But the true genius of the book is its universal relevance, as it combines a highly effective common-sense approach with frank guidance to enhance all relationships in life.”  —J.W. Marriott, Jr., Chairman and CEO, Marriott International, Inc.

  • “Lack of trust within an organization saps its energy, fosters a climate of suspicion and second guessing, and completely devastates teamwork, replacing it with internal politics. The end result is low morale and the consequent low standards of performance. Stephen M. R. Covey’s book is a timely reminder for leaders about what really matters in an organization.”  —Koh Boon Hwee, Chairman, DBS Bank Ltd. (Former Chairman, Singapore Airlines)

  • “I believe Covey’s insights around trust are very revealing to all who think about the practice of leadership. Clearly, without Self Trust you can’t have Organizational Trust—and without the latter, no real achievement.”—Michael H. Jordan, Chairman and CEO, EDS

  • “In life and business, relationships are important—but they are empty unless they are established and based upon trust. Trust is the fundamental building block for a brand, and it is the glue for any lasting relationship. It is amazing how Stephen M. R. Covey, in The Speed of Trust, establishes the essence of what trust is and how it can be established and kept. What a service to the business world and society as a whole!”  —Horst H. Schulze, President and CEO, The West Paces Hotel Group (Former Founding President and COO, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company)

  • “The Speed of Trust teaches a critical lesson: only organizations with a sterling level of trust garner a culture of true commitment vs. a whirlpool of wishful thinking through forced compliance. Covey powerfully articulates a clear road map for ordinary people like you and me to be capable of extraordinary things!”—Peter Beaudrault, President and CEO, Sbarro (Former President and CEO, Hard Rock Cafe International)

  • “The Speed of Trust is a must-read for not only business leaders, but every individual. Mr. Covey defines trust in a most accurate fashion. One can benefit immensely from its contents.”  —Jon M. Huntsman, Founder and Chairman, Huntsman International

  • “This book is an eye-opener—once you’ve read it, you’ll see everything through your ‘Trust Glasses’ and understand how and why trust is so important in our professional and personal lives. By demonstrating that trust is tangible, measurable, and most importantly something that we can build more easily than we think, Stephen M. R. Covey has written a book that deserves to be read not only by business leaders, but also by everyone interested in improving their relationships with colleagues, friends, and family.”  —Gregory K. Ericksen, Global Vice-Chair, Strategic Growth Markets, Ernst & Young

  • “In the ‘80s, Stephen’s father convinced me that trust was the most important leadership attribute to create corporate/organizational success. He was absolutely right...over the last two decades Toro flourished because of it. Now, Stephen M. R. Covey convincingly shows...that when an organization trusts its leaders, and everyone becomes trustworthy, then people can operate synergistically and nondefensively, which gets the best results much faster.”  —Ken Melrose, former Chairman and CEO, The Toro Company; Author of Making the Grass Greener on Your Side

  • “Trust me, you can believe Stephen. This is very good stuff. The more people who read this in your Circle of Influence, the better your life will be, starting with yourself.”  —Blake M. Roney, Chairman, Nu Skin Enterprises

  • “The Speed of Trust clearly identifies trust as the source of speed in our direct relationships. Covey convincingly validates our experience at Dell—that trust has a bottom-line impact on results, and that when trust goes up, speed goes up while costs come down. This principle applies not only in our professional relationships with customers, business partners, and team members, but also in our personal relationships, which makes this insightful book all the more valuable.”  —Kevin Rollins, President and CEO, Dell Inc.

  • “When I received this book and was asked by Stephen M. R. Covey to read it and offer my comments, my first impulse was, ‘I don’t have the time.’ However, as I read the foreword, then the first few chapters, I could not put it down. It is exactly what business leaders need today. This book gets to the core roots of ethical behavior and integrity and how ‘trust’ is the most critical factor in effective leaders and organizations. The author discusses with clarity and insight how to develop trust through character and competence, and how ‘trusted’ leaders and organizations do things better, faster, and at lower costs. Everyone should make the time to read this book.”  —Nolan D. Archibald, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Black & Decker Corporation

  • “Like his father, Stephen M. R. Covey is unafraid of exploring difficult yet critical topics. His book, The Speed of Trust, goes right to the heart of one of the most important issues of our time: the absolute lack of trust. In a world turned upside down, all who run organizations, all who seek deeper relationships, all who want more meaning in their lives would do well to consider trust as the asset they most desire.”  —David W. Checketts, Chairman, Sports Capital Partners (Former CEO, Madison Square Garden)


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