How Do I Get Started with The Speed of Trust™?

There are many ways our clients begin applying the Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ within their team or organization.  Below are four of the most common:

1.  Speed of Trust™ Custom On-Site Work Session: Focus on Your Business Needs

The fastest way to install the management process and behaviors of the Speed of Trust™ in your team or organization is to have our master Speed of Trust™ consultants teach Leading at the Speed of Trust™ to a key group of senior managers. Our consultants are hand picked business practitioners and not theorists. They have practical real life experience dealing with the challenging issues your workers face everyday. The Speed of Trust™ is focused on the work itself not theoretical training rhetoric and line leaders respond quickly to our pragmatic results oriented approach. As outside experts our influence can accelerate the learning impact and buy in.

Our faculty spans over 100 countries and we can scale a turn-key initiative to meet your specific needs. Because our consultants are very conversant in the language of trust even your toughest issues or people will get immediate world-class remediation.  The Speed of Trust™ delivers permanent skills that change the trajectory of your organization immediately.

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2.  Measure and Analyze Trust

Identify what Trust Taxes™ and Trust Dividends™ that are impacting your team or organization.  By identifying where the pain is coming from, you can then attribute a real financial cost which will frame The Business Case for Trust.  The Speed of Trust™ Organizational or Team Index measures which of the 4 Cores of Credibility™ and the 13 Behaviors of High Trust™ are strong or weak in a team or organization. Rather than just measuring the general ‘trust level’, this unique instrument identifies the specific behaviors associated with your specific Trust Tax™ or Trust Dividend™.


3.  Attend The Leading at the Speed of Trust™ Public Workshop and Train the Trainer

The Leading at the Speed of Trust™ workshop is a two-day, in-depth training event that leaders and HR professionals pragmatic, practical, and actionable skills leaders can implement immediately regardless of their role in the organization. One of the key benefits to a public workshop is the experience of working with other leaders from a variety of organizations who share similar concerns and contribute valuable ideas.  The instruction, discussion, and tools provided in this workshop will enhance the vision of leaders who return to their organization with new skills to lead in a way that inspires trust.

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4.  Executive Overview (2-hours)

The on-site Executive Overview is a business development meeting where we work with key decision makers to identify the specific impact of low trust on your current, critical business objectives.  We identify how to make high trust an explicit strategic objective to dramatically and practically impact the work you are trying to leverage inside your teams and organization.  Together, we will begin to design the Speed of Trust work itself, and how we will define success and measure the cultural and business outcomes.  We will help you visualize the economic business case for trust and how trust is the most impactful lever you can pull to dramatically increase results - but more importantly, HOW it can be done.  This on-site overview is used to EVALUATE the relevance of the Speed of Trust for your team and organization.

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    Attend a Speed of Trust Preview in Your Area

    In this three-hour overview, learn how The Speed of Trust™ increases employee engagement and collaboration and drives real, sustainable business results.

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    “The Speed of Trust is the best training program I have seen—it is not a training program, it is a process of managing.  It is the only offering I have seen that spans all functions.  Speed of Trust can be used in each service area, whether it be our engineers, our marketing people, our sales, or our finance people, and I have not seen any programs that work well across the entire company.” –Al Carey, CEO, Frito Lay