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About The Speed of Trust™ 

The Business Case for Trust

Chief Executive Magazine By Stephen M. R. Covey

Almost everywhere we turn, trust is on the decline.  We find low trust in our society at large, in our institutions and in our companies.  Research shows that only 51% of employees trust senior management, and only 28% believe CEOs are a credible source of information.  This compels us to ask two questions.  First, is there a measurable cost to low trust?  Second, is there a tangible benefit to high trust?...  Download PDF


Trust is a Competency

Chief Learning Officer Magazine
By Stephen M. R. Covey

Increasingly, more leaders are discovering trust as they begin to see it with new eyes.  Looking beyond the common view of trust as some soft, intangible and illusive social virtue, they're learning to see it as a critical, highly relevant and tangible asset.  They're discovering that trust affects everything with an organization...  Download PDF


Spectacular Results from The Speed of Trust

Global Retail Organization:  Dramatically improved the accuracy of their inventory projections.  Senior leaders credit The Speed of Trust Process™ with $8 million in cost reductions, through sales and production teams collaborating in new and different ways using The Speed of Trust..Download PDF



How The Speed of Trust™ Works

Training alone doesn’t work. Rather than just teaching principles in a course, The Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ institutionalizes new language and new behavior in the context of real work, with a simple, repeatable process that enables leaders as well as individual contributors to be more engaged, more committed and more accountable for change. The results have been groundbreaking....  Download PDF



Speed of Trust™ Learning Resources


Leading at the Speed of Trust™ Training Summary

The Leading at the Speed of Trust™ workshop is a two-day leadership training and management course that improves leadership skills and inspires organizational culture change. The course teaches leaders and HR professionals pragmatic, practical, and actionable skills that can be implemented immediately regardless of their role in the organization.  This is a brief summary of the workshop...  Download PDF

       Leading at the Speed of Trust™
Course Outline:  Download PDF
       360º Feedback Trust Quotient (tQ):  Download PDF


Inspiring Trust™ Training Summary

Inspiring Trust teaches those in leadership positions why building a high-trust work environment must be as essential as any other measurable economic goal of the organization and is the foundation to leadership.  This is a brief summary of this workshop...  Download PDF



Speed of Trust Foundations™ Training Summary

The Speed of Trust Foundations™ helps individual contributors identify and address “trust gaps” in their own personal credibility and in their relationships at work. Participants practice the 13 Behaviors of High Trust to develop, restore, and extend trust; create a Trust Action Plan to increase personal credibility and influence; practice communicating transparently, respectfully, and directly; identify how to extend appropriate levels of trust with co-workers; and improve their track record of keeping commitments through a Peer Accountability Process.  This is a brief summary of this workshop...  Download PDF


Speed of Trust Business Simulation™

The Speed of Trust Business Simulation™ uses traditional “gaming” elements -- including a board, dice, and surprise events -- to create a fun and disarming approach to a serious business topic.  This discovery learning board builds the business case for trust; introduces trust behaviors and skills and allows participants to evaluate scenarios.  This simulation acts as a mapping and action planning session where participants examine their real world opportunities and issues and build a Trust-O-Gram© which they can immediately apply in their key work relationships....  Download PDF


Speed of Trust Meeting in a Box™ (learning map product)

Speed of Trust Meeting in a Box™, a two-hour, interactive, leader-led discovery experience that requires no facilitation. Simply open the box, take out the fun and engaging materials and begin. It is an ideal learning tool for leaders who have already experienced the Leading at the Speed of Trust Workshop or our Speed of Trust™ Simulation, have practiced the 13 trust-building behaviors, and have seen the value of operating with high trust within their organization.....  Download PDF

Speed of Trust™
Measurement Samples



360 Feedback Trust Quotient™ (tQ) Sample

The purpose of this (sample) report is to help you identify strengths to capitalize on and areas to improve as you strive to build trust with others. Your Trust Quotient, or tQ score, is an indicator of the level of trust others have in you....  Download PDF



Speed of Trust Organizational Trust and Engagement Index™ Sample

This is an employee survey -  a cultural audit, used before, during and after a learning process.  Besides understanding the current trust levels, it identifies specific behaviors that are creating the trust level.  By surfacing the underlying components of trust—the 13 behaviors and 4 cores of credibility it allows senior executives an opportunity to approach un-discussable issues in a constructive manner...  Download PDF

Speed of Trust Team Index™ Sample

The Speed of Trust Team index is a powerful tool for teams.  By surfacing the underlying components of trust—the 13 behaviors and 4 cores of credibility it allows leaders an opportunity to approach un-discussable issues in a constructive manner...  Download PDF



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