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The Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ 

Let's get real. Training alone doesn’t work. Rather than just teaching principles in a course, The Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ institutionalizes new language and new behavior in the context of real work. This simple, repeatable process enables leaders as well as individual contributors to be more engaged, more committed and more accountable for change. The results have been groundbreaking. (See Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ below.)

THE truth is that every interaction, every work project, every initiative, every communication, every strategic or tactical imperative you are trying to accomplish is affected positively or negatively by trust. If your organization enjoys a trust dividend, then trust becomes the great ‘performance multiplier’. If, on the other hand, your organization is paying a trust tax, then everything you do takes more time and costs more money. Trust always impacts two measurable variables: SPEED and COST. Because trust is the one thing that changes everything, it is one of the most critical strategic levers you can focus on. And our experience tells us that you can impact it faster than you think!


Solving complex organizational problems through changes in human behavior

COMPLEX organizational problems cannot be solved with the stroke of a pen, a leadership mandate, a training program, restructuring, or changing a system. These things can be helpful. However, all grand strategies must eventually degenerate down to real work done by real people. The Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ is leverage that dramatically impacts business outcomes through changing the performance of individuals and teams. This is not a separate initiative, rather, it is about HOW individuals and teams do their current work. Creating a high trust, highly engaged culture is the ultimate, long term competitive advantage. Our Transformation Process drives a scalable, simple methodology that easily guides individuals, leaders and organizations to become explicit and deliberate about creating a high trust, highly engaged culture focused on results.


The Speed of Trust™ is not a program, but a process that changes the fundamental nature of how work gets done and transforms the trajectory of an organization. Simply put, our practical expertise lies in two fundamentals: helping people at all levels learn and apply behaviors that increase trust; and enabling organizations to institutionalize the single most critical competence required for winning in today’s world: TRUST.


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"The ability to establish, grow, extend and re- store trust with all stakeholders - customers, suppliers, investors and employees - is the critical leadership competency in the new global economy."  –Stephen M. R. Covey




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Increasing trust is a process, not an event. The Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ institutionalizes new language and behavior in the context of real work. Learn More






The Economic Business Case for Trust

Trust always affects two measurable outcomes – speed and cost. When trust goes down, speed goes down and cost goes up. This creates a Trust Tax™.  When trust goes up, speed goes up and cost goes down. This creates a Trust Dividend™. It’s that simple, that predictable. Learn More