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Learn more about each phase of the process:

Application and Integration Tools

(Not all tools are used in every case.  This is just a sampling of the types of Application & Integration tools that are commonly used in the Speed of Trust™ Transformation Process.)

Trust Action Plans™

Create specific action items which will be implemented after the learning session.  Action plans are created in the following areas: Self Trust, Relationship Trust, Organizational Trust & Market Trust.

Weekly Integration Process

A process in which individuals at all levels practice 1 behavior a week, making commitments in the context of their real work.  Process is implemented in 8-10 minutes per week.

Inspiring Trust: 21 Day Plan

Identify a few key behaviors in the following areas:  Personal Credibility, Relationship Trust, Team Trust.

3 Key Behavioral Processes

Most common trust dilemmas and a specific behavioral change process around each.  Practical resources to help leverage new skills in the context of real relationships and real issues.


Accountability Process

A specific process to hold participants accountable to the individual and team commitments made during the work session.  This methodology binds managers to the expectation which is set that ‘this is not just another thing to do’; but rather, that they are responsible for the change effort and its implementation.

Report Up Sessions

Creates a cadence of accountability among leaders, managers & supervisors as they roll out the process to their teams.  Report progress, gaps, etc, to the person they report to.

Trust Talks: Critical Skill Implementation

Critical conversations to which managers/leaders are held accountable:  developing trust, extending Smart Trust and restoring trust used throughout all organizational levels. 

Check Point Meetings

Small groups of 5-7 senior leaders to be held at specific intervals.  A review of successes and challenges regarding their Speed of Trust implementation plan. Review best practices, discuss Speed/Cost results.

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