CultureCare is a whole-hospital transformation model that takes a unique, behavioral approach to creating a high trust collaborative culture – which becomes the foundation to creating a superior patient experience. A high trust and highly collaborative culture will positively impact every aspect of a hospital's operations. Based on The Speed of Trust®, by Stephen M. R. Covey, CultureCare produces transformational results such as increased efficiency, safer transitions, quality clinical outcomes, increased engagement, decreased re-admissions, fewer errors and increased patient satisfaction scores. CultureCare equips leaders, staff, and physicians with the behavioral skills and tools needed to produce a superior patient experience. 

Before we will engage with a hospital or health system, the Executive Team/Senior Leaders must agree to the following 6 guidelines and engagement criteria:

  1. All employees are responsible for the patient experience.
  2. Engaging all staff, not just managers or leaders, is critical to the success of the cultural transformation.
  3. The executive team must be fully engaged in the process, own the outcome, and model the behavior.
  4. It is vital that physicians be integrated into this process.
  5. Leaders are connected to the system and are accountable for performance and new behavioral norms.
  6. Change begins with the individual. This inside out process creates sustainable transformation.

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Attend a Speed of Trust Preview in Your Area

In this three-hour overview, learn how The Speed of Trust™ increases employee engagement and collaboration and drives real, sustainable business results.

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How Does The Speed of Trust™ Work?

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The Economic Business Case for Trust

Trust always affects two measurable outcomes – speed and cost.  When trust goes down, speed goes down and cost goes up.  This creates a Trust Tax™.  When trust goes up, speed goes up and cost goes down.  This creates a Trust Dividend™.  It’s that simple, that predictable.  Learn More

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