Improving Project Team Performance

We all know that excellence in Project Management is achieved through a structured process with multiple phases - initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and so on. Research conducted by the University of Oxford shows that half of all large IT projects massively blow their budget. On average, these projects run 45% over budget and 7% over time while delivering 56% less value than predicted. Is it about the process? We don’t think so. Teams simply cannot execute in environments of low trust. During Project Teams at The Speed of Trust®, teams identify the level of trust with team members and with stakeholders, then create plans to improve the trust. This increased trust leads to improved speed and lower costs.



How the Simulation Works

Participants are grouped in table teams of four. During the simulation, each team serves in the leadership role for an important project that goes by the code name “Allegro.” The group is introduced to their team through profile cards. Their challenge is to get Allegro to market on time and on budget, while building a high-trust culture. As learners are faced with scenarios and decisions, they must determine the decisions’ impacts on relationships with team members and stakeholders, on the project timeline, and on the budget.

A key takeaway during the Simulation is that trust always impacts two quantifiable outcomes: Speed and Cost. Cost is not only measured in financial terms but also in terms of personal energy and resource usage.

The simulation itself takes approximately 4.5 hours, and then the remainder of the day is spent in an engaging session to connect the learning to the team’s real issues. Participants build a stakeholder map and identify gaps in their behaviors and create new behavioral operating norms. To conclude the session, teams and individuals create action plans, make implementation plans that include accountability, and develop an agreed-upon timeline to re-measure trust. At the end of the day, participants leave with an actionable plan to build a high credibility, highly engaged team.

Project Team Trust Index

This index identifies what Trust Taxes™ and Trust Dividends™ are impacting your team and their stakeholders. The Speed of Trust™ Team Index measures which of the 4 Cores of Credibility™ and the 13 Behaviors of High Trust™ are strong or weak in a team. Rather than just measuring the general ‘trust level’, this unique instrument identifies the specific behaviors associated with your specific Trust Tax™ or Trust Dividend™. And allows teams to work to identify and close the trust gaps within their team and with all stakeholders.

The content and practical application becomes the platform to discuss these real issues impacting the team. This allows for authentic discussion around behavioral norms and stakeholder trust. Learn More

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In this three-hour overview, learn how The Speed of Trust™ increases employee engagement and collaboration and drives real, sustainable business results.

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How Does The Speed of Trust™ Work?



Let's get real. Training alone doesn’t work.  Rather than just teaching principles in a course, The Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ institutionalizes new language and new behavior in the context of real work.  Learn More




The Economic Business Case for Trust

Trust always affects two measurable outcomes – speed and cost.  When trust goes down, speed goes down and cost goes up.  This creates a Trust Tax™.  When trust goes up, speed goes up and cost goes down.  This creates a Trust Dividend™.  It’s that simple, that predictable.  Learn More





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