Change Management

Every interaction, every work project, every communication, every strategic or tactical imperative, every organizational change initiative you are trying to accomplish – regardless of size or scope – is affected positively or negatively by trust.


Leverage Trust as a Foundational Process

Our experience suggests that change efforts often struggle or even grind to a halt, frequently compounding the very problems they were intended to address. The Speed of Trust™ solution is a key component of leading change.  Traditional change management methodologies focus on the mechanics and commitment needed for change.  The missing piece is the integration of a Trust Methodology.  Whatever the goal, initiative, strategic priority, or change effort, the change will take longer and cost more if you have a low trust culture.  By “installing” The Speed of Trust™ as a foundational “operating system”, a good amount of the inherent friction in your change management effort is eliminated.

Think about it:  Can you really deliver an effective change effort without trust...and at what cost?
Our Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ drives a scalable, simple methodology that easily guides individuals, leaders and organizations to become explicit and deliberate about creating a high trust, engaged culture focused on results.  The Speed of Trust™ is not a program, but a process that changes the fundamental nature of how work gets done and transforms the trajectory of an organization.  Our methodology is not ‘another thing to do’, but rather, the platform that is seamlessly integrated into a change initiative. 


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How Does The Speed of Trust™ Work?

Let's get real. Training alone doesn’t work.  Rather than just teaching principles in a course, The Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ institutionalizes new language and new behavior in the context of real work.  Learn More


The Economic Business Case for Trust

Trust always affects two measurable outcomes – speed and cost.  When trust goes down, speed goes down and cost goes up.  This creates a Trust Tax™.  When trust goes up, speed goes up and cost goes down.  This creates a Trust Dividend™.  It’s that simple, that predictable.  Learn More

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