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To learn more about the Speed of Trust™ events in your area or to inquire about solutions for your team or organization, please find your local FranklinCovey representative below:

Texas Adam Lile Client Partner
Dallas (206) 948-3279
Ohio Adriana Berger Enterprise Client Partner
Michigan Alicia Yauch Enterprise Client Partner
Ontario Andrew Westrik Client Partner
Kentucky Andy Martin Area Client Partner
Kentucky 864.508.1535
Quebec, Ottawa Angelica Imperador Enterprise Client Partner
Quebec, Ottawa 450.338.3319
Georgia Ashley Steele Area Client Partner
Georgia 678-566-6515
Oregon Audrea Lotman Enterprise Client Partner
Arizona Audrey Rodriguez Area Client Partner
Phoenix (949) 748-4396
Wisconsin Barbara Hendrickson Client Partner
Wisconsin (920) 358-7193
Tennessee Beccah Graves Enterprise Client Partner
California Bonnie Yu Area Client Partner
San Francisco, San Jose (949) 788-8116
International (outside U.S. and Canada) Brian Martini General Manager
Japan 81 (3) 3237 7401
Texas Bruce Hawkins Client Partner
San Antonio, Austin (817) 465-5887
Utah U.S. Federal Government Cameron Moon Client Partner
Civilian Gov't, V.A. 801-817-6325
Tennessee Chad Smith Client Partner
Texas Charlie Dunn Client Partner
Houston (512) 954-0130
California Cheri Sherman Enterprise Client Partner
Orange County (949) 788-8108
Michigan Chris Johnson Enterprise Client Partner
Michigan 616.433.6935
Utah U.S. Federal Government Chris Kishiyama Client Partner
Law Enforcement
Utah U.S. Federal Government Chris Miller Enterprise Client Partner
Federal & Civilian Gov't 801-817-6448
New York Christina McGuey Client Partner
Illinois Christine Trost Client Partner
Chicago (312) 846-4297
California Conni Chavez Enterprise Client Partner
Washington DC U.S. Federal Government Connie Deshpande Client Partner
Civilian Gov't 202-363-1039
Utah Corbin White Client Partner
California Courtney North Enterprise Client Partner
International (outside U.S. and Canada) Curtis Bateman General Manager
U.K. & Ireland 44 (1295) 274 100
Utah Dan Dougherty Vertical Client Partner
SPP (801) 209-9200
Ontario, Cambridge Dan King Client Partner
Ontario, Cambridge (519) 624-4514
Florida Dan Wester Client Partner
North Carolina, South Carolina Daniel Martin Client Partner
North Carolina, South Carolina 910-544-8859
Maryland Darin Kenley Client Partner
North Carolina David Debs Client Partner
Michigan DeAnna VanPatten Enterprise Client Partner
Michigan 517.623.0223
Texas Debbie Rollick Client Partner
New York Deborah Raymond Enterprise Client Partner
New York 810.603.7098
Arizona, New Mexico, California Debra Larson Enterprise Client Partner
Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California (602) 667-9227
Michigan Derek Thorpe Enterprise Client Partner
Michigan 517.655.6680
Massachusetts Diane Mullins Enterprise Client Partner
Massachusetts 978.448.5451
Texas Disha Vyas Enterprise Client Partner
Illinois Donovan Sanchez Enterprise Client Partner
Utah Eduardo Amorim Client Partner
Minnesota Elaine Schulz Client Partner
Minnesota (952) 432-4226
Tennessee Eli Perkins Client Partner
Connecticut Elise Cannon Enterprise Client Partner
Connecticut 203.693.5023
Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming Elizabeth Burton Enterprise Client Partner
Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming (720) 379-7520
International (outside U.S. and Canada) Gary Judd Global Managing Director
Speed of Trust 801-492-5061
California Greta Borie Enterprise Client Partner
San Diego (760) 942-2150
Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Gretchen Gill Enterprise Client Partner
Delaware, New Jersey, East Pennsylvania 609.466.3231
New York Hunter Moffatt Area Client Partner
New York 518-337-6221
Texas U.S. Federal Government Jackie DiRosa Vertical Client Partner
Healthcare (703) 509-6833
Calgary. Vancouver Jackie Nielsen Enterprise Client Partner
Calgary/Vancouver (587) 438-0530
Florida James Williams Area Client Partner
Orlando 321-689-2448
Michigan Jamie Ewing Enterprise Client Partner
Minnesota Jane Goodyear Client Partner
Minnesota (612) 354-2494
Arkansas, Louisiana Jason Jolley Area Client Partner
AR, Shreveport 501-786-0600
Texas Jason Quinlan Client Partner
California Jason Wyman Enterprise Client Partner
San Jose (808) 285-9400
Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming U.S. Federal Government Jeff Carney Vertical Client Partner
Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Corrections 303-933-2303
Oregon Jenna Estep Enterprise Client Partner
Colorado Jennifer Huey Enterprise Client Partner
Colorado (720) 878-4954
Utah U.S. Federal Government Jesse Holt Area Client Partner
State & Local Gov't 801-817-5958
Tennessee, Kentucky Jim Klonaris Enterprise Client Partner
Tennessee, Kentucky, Walmart 865-679-8159
Pennsylvania Joe Fiori Area Client Partner
Pennsylvania 412-862-0445
North Carolina, South Carolina John Atwood Enterprise Client Partner
North Carolina, South Carolina 276-739-7772
Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama John Moser Enterprise Client Partner
Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama 205-401-1303
Toronto John Slater Client Partner
Toronto (905) 785-8321
Colorado Jolynne Alger Client Partner
Kansas, Indiana, South Dakota Jonathan Jardine Client Partner
Kansas, Indiana, South Dakota (913) 538-5303
Illinois Jorge Garza Client Partner
Utah U.S. Federal Government Josh Chase Area Client Partner
Civilian Gov't 801-817-5745
International (outside U.S. and Canada) Josh Farrell General Manager
Australia & New Zealand 61 (7) 3318 9758
Nebraska Judith Arbow Enterprise Client Partner
Nebraska 506.693.6933
Pennsylvania Julie Voigt Area Client Partner
Pennsylvania 412.667.2991
Virginia U.S. Federal Government Julienne Stathis Enterprise Client Partner
Army, DOD, Civilian 703-942-6627
Washington, Oregon Juliet Dixon Enterprise Client Partner
Seattle, Portland (425) 466-8715
Florida June Kletzel Client Partner
New York, Pennsylvania Justin Gasbarre Enterprise Client Partner
Western New York, Western Pennsylvania 412.613.8356
Florida Karla Piedrahita Area Client Partner
Tampa 813-598-1985
Florida Karle Hunter Enterprise Client Partner
Illinois Kathy Sarby Client Partner
Chicago (312) 846-4298
New Jersey Kathy Hamill Area Client Partner
New Jersey 201.644.8514
California Kathy Simpson Enterprise Client Partner
California (626) 344-5768
Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Kim McNally Enterprise Client Partner
Delaware, New Jersey, East Pennsylvania 609.346.8968
Minnesota Kimberly Sanderson Client Partner
California Kyle Ellison Client Partner
Saskatchewan Lana Binning Client Partner
Missouri Lance Wheeler Client Partner
California Laura Santopietro Area Client Partner
Orange County, San Diego (949) 788-8105
Virginia Lauren Drew Enterprise Client Partner
Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi Lee McCarty Client Partner
Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi 800-243-1790
Texas Linda Bechtold Client Partner
Dallas, Ft. Worth (214) 407-8453
Indiana Lindsey Wegman Area Client Partner
Indiana (317) 288-0734
Canada Lisa Wilcox Enterprise Client Partner
West Canada (250) 703-2901
California Maria Tiatia Enterprise Client Partner
South Los Angeles (626) 430-7280
Illinois Mark Berry Client Partner
Chicago (630) 667-4547
Ohio Mark Low Enterprise Client Partner
South Ohio 614.761.7887
Massachusetts Marlee Mauvis Enterprise Client Partner
Boston 617.678.3600
International (outside U.S. and Canada) Mary Pipe Executive Assistant to the General Manager
Australia & New Zealand 61 (7) 3318 9713
Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, California Matt Chism Enterprise Client Partner
Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, Southern California (801) 992-3990
Oklahoma Matt Jarmon Client Partner
Oklahoma (903) 245-3733
New Hampshire Matt Komarek Area Client Partner
New Hampshire 716.664.1094
Texas Maureen Kelley Client Partner
Houston (713) 827-1355
Toronto Melanie Woodward Client Partner
Toronto (416) 888-8461
Florida Melvin Diaz Area Client Partner
South Florida 305-796-5165
Georgia Michaelle Fields Enterprise Client Partner
Massachusetts Michelle Casey Client Partner
Maryland U.S. Federal Government Michelle Graziani Area Client Partner
State & Local Gov't 240-372-9023
Kansas Michelle Toomey Area Client Partner
Kansas (816) 806-5482
Minnesota Mickey Moore Client Partner
Minnesota (612) 720-8688
International (outside U.S. and Canada) Mikako Satoyoshi Executive Assistant to the General Manager
Japan 81 (3) 3264 7527
Washington Mike Forsyth Client Partner
Connecticut, New York, Michigan, New England, Rhode Island, Vermont Monna Lohkovuori Area Client Partner
Connecticut, New York, Michigan, New England, Rhode Island, Vermont 617.337.5445
Texas Nate Ritchie Client Partner
Dallas (214) 435-2456
Texas Ned Rios Client Partner
Houston (713) 993-6739
Arizona, Utah Nick Siddoway Enterprise Client Partner
Arizona, Utah (602) 324-3548
Ohio Nolan Marx Client Partner
Virginia U.S. Federal Government Pamela Fuller Enterprise Client Partner
Civilian Gov't 571-970-4119
New Hampshire Patricia Hug Area Client Partner
New Hampshire 603.554.2595
Texas Paul Ruhmann Area Client Partner
Texas (412) 498-1474
California Paul Adams Client Partner
Wisconsin Paul Poulsen Client Partner
Wisconsin (940) 391-9019
Texas Peter Montgomery Client Partner
Dallas (919) 949-2633
Georgia, Florida Phillip Ray Enterprise Client Partner
Georgia, Florida 770-356-7637
Pennsylvania Phyllis Markson Area Client Partner
Philadelphia 732-794-1098
Indiana Rachael Whitlock Client Partner
Texas Rachel Anderson Area Client Partner
Dallas (972) 908-3541
Tennessee Rachel Jones Enterprise Client Partner
International (outside U.S. and Canada) Rebecca Capel Executive Assistant to the General Manager
U.K. & Ireland 44 (1295) 274 100
Indiana Rebecca Hession Client Partner
Indiana (317) 877-9934
Pennsylvania Regina Drouse Client Partner
Kansas Richard Tolbert Client Partner
(913) 449-9123
California Rob Collins Client Partner
Iowa Rob Ogle Area Client Partner
Iowa (815) 355-7772
Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia Rose (Moffett) Watts Area Client Partner
Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia 678-566-6524
Utah Ryan Cuellar Vertical Client Partner
(801) 494-9089
Pennsylvania Samantha Schlieben Enterprise Client Partner
Alabama Sarah Khaki Client Partner
Virginia Sarah Ward Area Client Partner
Virginia 540-577-1795
Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia Scott Johnson Enterprise Client Partner
Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia 678-566-6509
California Sean Richardson Enterprise Client Partner
Sacramento (801) 231-1003
Kansas Shannon Weniger Enterprise Client Partner
Utah, Nevada Stephen Kerr Area Client Partner
Utah, Nevada (801) 432-7121
Virginia U.S. Federal Government Steve Kovalenko Enterprise Client Partner
Airforce, Navy, Marines, DHS 703-729-7270
Michigan Steve Yauch Client Partner
Georgia Susan Bloom Enterprise Client Partner
Georgia 678-566-6508
Georgia Susan Hall Enterprise Client Partner
Georgia 678-566-6517
Delaware Taylor Rogers Enterprise Client Partner
Illinois Tina Salliotte Client Partner
Chicago (847) 317-1058
Texas Tom Osborn Client Partner
California Tracy Cook Enterprise Client Partner
San Francisco (415) 602-1838
Missouri Tricia Reichwein Client Partner
Illinois, Missouri Troy Donovan Client Partner
Illinois, Missouri (636) 221-2058
Texas Uzma Khanmohamed Enterprise Client Partner
New Jersey Valerie Blanchard Client Partner
International (outside U.S. and Canada) Victoria Paxton Manager, International Partners Communication
International (outside U.S. and Canada) 44 (0) 1295 274118
Tennessee Wallis Tharp Enterprise Client Partner
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