Signature Leading at the Speed of Trust Workshop with Live Certification (2-day workshop, 1-day certification)

February 27-28, 2017 (with T3 certification on March 1)

For organizations committed to solving the complex challenges of low trust or wanting to accelerate performance, Leading at the Speed of Trust™ is the first step. It is a two-day training event that teaches leaders and HR professionals pragmatic, practical, and actionable skills they can implement immediately regardless of their role in the organization. The instruction, discussion, and tools provided in this workshop will enhance the vision of participants, who return to their organizations with new leadership skills to lead in a way that inspires trust in all facets of life.


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Two-Day Workshop Summary: February 27th and 28th

During this workshop held at Robert Redford's Sundance Resort, UT, participants learn the career-critical leadership skills necessary to impact performance within their organizations. They learn how leveraging trust as a competency dramatically lowers costs and increases profits and influence. The course significantly enhances leadership capabilities by teaching participants to master The 4 Cores of Credibility™ and The 13 Behaviors of High Trust™, and how to model them on a daily basis. (Download the course outline below.)

Participants are engaged in case studies and activities based in their current work – not on theoretical examples or academic models. Leaders focus on increasing the speed and magnitude of their individual and organizational results by improving trust and increasing influence with their key stakeholders. In addition, the workshop provides ample opportunity to collaborate in a discussion with other leaders sharing different perspectives and solutions to common organizational trust issues. The workshop is based on years of organizational leadership and research and is centered on an in-depth analysis of the principles taught by author Stephen M. R. Covey in his New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Speed of Trust.

» Download the Leading at the Speed of Trust™ Course Outline.

4 Cores of Credibility™ and 13 Behaviors of High Trust™

The 4 Cores of Credibility™ and The 13 Behaviors of High Trust™ are key parts of the workshop training. During this part of the training, four key elements are learned that are vital for an individual to develop in order to have the foundation of credibility upon which trust can be built. Two of these cores deal with character; two with competence. What gives trust its harder, more pragmatic edge is recognizing that competence is as vital to trust as character, and that both character and competence are within our ability to create or to change.

During the 13 Behaviors of High Trust™ part of the training, key behaviors are identified that are common to all high trust individuals. What’s most exciting about these behaviors is that they can be learned and applied by any individual at any level within any organization or relationship. The net result is a significantly increased ability to generate trust with all stakeholders in order to achieve better results and more joyful relationships.

360 Feedback Trust Quotient (tQ)

Many organizations measure trust levels of their teams and entire enterprise. This is directionally useful but the art of mastering personal or organizational change requires that you breakdown the trust components that lead to those observed behaviors starting with yourself. That is the breakthrough approach that makes Leading at the Speed of Trust™ a proven, game-changing program.

The highlight of the workshop is the 360º Trust Quotient (tQ). This provocative inquiry asks co-workers, direct reports, and subordinates if they trust you. The resulting confidential, multiple-page report identifies which behaviors are strengths and which are weaknesses. Leaders are then able to develop a personal Trust Action Plan™ to implement as part of a continued process of leading in a way that inspires trust within their teams and organizations.

» Download a free 360º Feedback (tQ) Sample.

Train the Trainer Certification (T3): March 1st

The Speed of Trust™ is specifically designed to enable executives and line leaders to facilitate the course for their teams. The learning design incorporates state-of-the-art multimedia, workplace scenarios and exercises that insure that even non-professional trainers can successfully present the course.

To become certified you must attend the two-day Leading at the Speed of Trust™ workshop as a participant and successfully complete a one-day train-the-trainer certification. Client organizations find that becoming certified to teach the Speed of Trust™ in-house to be significantly more cost effective in training large populations. Please contact us for more information.

Qualification Criteria for certification:

  • Attend the two-day Leading at the Speed of Trust Workshop as a participant.
  • Sign the license agreement for your organization.
  • Pay the licensing fee.
  • Purchase a minimum of 20 participant kits for your first class.
  • Attend a full day train-the-trainer certification session.

    Proven Principles. Proven Tools.

    To help leaders adopt a new paradigm and skill-set around trust, the workshop includes a rich set of materials and tools including:

  • Participant Guidebook with Trust Action Plans™ and a Leader Accountability Plan
  • Weekly Trust Huddle Guide
  • Speed of Trust Action Cards™ to help navigate trust issues
  • Speed of Trust Digital Coach App
  • The Speed of Trust Book
  • tQ 360º Assessment that identifies trust level strengths and weaknesses. (Click here to see a sample report.)
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