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Listen to author Stephen M. R. Covey in a 50-minute (audio-only) conference call, as he responds to registrants pre-submitted questions on the session's topic. Topics are selected from common issues leaders face today, such as: organizational change management, culture transformation, employee engagement and performance, team building, collaboration, project management, innovation, productivity, execution, and building leadership skills.



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Introduction to The Speed of Trust™

Typically, trust is assumed, taken for granted, misunderstood, and severely underestimated.  More leaders today, however, are rediscovering trust as they begin to see it with new eyes.  Looking beyond the common view of trust as a soft and illusive social virtue, they're learning to see it as a critical, highly relevant, and tangible asset.

Leaders are discovering that trust affects everything within an organization--every dimension, activity, decision, and relationship.  Organizations are now beginning to include trust (e.g., the ability to engender trust) in their competency models or equivalents.  They're starting to recognize that trust is something they can consciously work to improve.  They're also beginning to recognize that trust is quite possibly the single most powerful and influential lever for leaders and organizations today.

The Speed of Trust™ emphasizes 3 big ideas:


What You Can Expect:

This free, 50-minute conference call will be audio ONLY (w/ no presentation slides).  It is designed for those evaluating how The Speed of Trust™ can impact their current strategic initiatives. 

Stephen will begin with a 10-minute contextual framework on the 3 big ideas of The Speed of Trust™ and specifically discuss his thoughts that relate to the featured topic.  Co-founder Greg Link will then facilitate a 40-minute Q&A discussion from questions pre-selected from registrant submissions.  At the conclusion, those interested are invited to stay on the line and learn common "next steps" to begin increasing trust within their teams or organizations.

Due to time constraints, this conference call will ONLY be an insightful discussion on the chosen topic and, unfortunately, may not address all registrant questions.  For more information about The Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ and the next steps we offer, please contact us.



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Stephen M. R. Covey leads the Global Speed of Trust Practice. He is a sought-after and compelling keynote speaker and advisor on trust, leadership, ethics, and high performance. He speaks to audiences around the world.  He is the New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust, a groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting book.


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